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(Late September/October Shipping)
We are very excited to offer a selection of rare and unusual bulbs and bare root plants including bearded iris, peony, oriental poppies, and Cypripedium lady's slipper orchids for pick-up or shipping in late September to late October. The minimum to place an order is $25. Note that these rare species and cultivars arrive later than conventional ones so most orders will be ready for pick-up or shipping in October. Cold climate gardeners can prepare for this. Bulbs and bare root can be planted in the ground as long as the soil is still workable. You can pre-dig holes and then mulch plantings well with a pile of fallen leaves. Or you can plant in pots and protect in a less freezing location such as a garage or slightly heated basement, shed or greenhouse for the first winter then plant out into the garden in spring.

Local Customers: Choose "pick up" when you check out. We will email you when it is time to come in. Please add our email address mailorder@phoenixperennials.com to your address book to help our email get past your spam filter. We recommend against placing orders for potted plants from other sections. Most plants should be available now for in-person shopping.
Mail Order Customers: We ship orders once they are complete yet different types of plants are ready at different times. If you place an order combining different groups of plants, we will generally wait until your order is complete to ship. This could mean that the perennials you ordered won't ship to you for mid September planting as we are waiting for the amaryllis in your order to arrive in mid October before shipping everything together. If you don't want plants to be held up, please place separate orders for different groups of plants. Either option will increase the shipping costs but will get plants to you faster and perhaps at better, earlier planting times, especially if you are a cold climate gardener. Potted perennials and shrubs begin shipping at the start of September. Most bulbs ship from late September to the end of October though the following bulbs and bare root usually do not ship until mid October: Cyclamen, Cypripedium, Eremurus, Galanthus, Gladiolus, Hippeastrum (Amaryllis), Lilium, Paeonia, and Papaver. In general, rare bulbs always arrive later than conventional ones so just because you see conventional bulbs in your local stores, does not mean that our rare ones would be in yet and ready to ship.

Flat Rate Shipping for Bulbs*
Flat rate shipping applies to orders that include packaged bulbs and bare root only. When you order, our system will still quote you a rate. However, just before we ship we will manually apply the flat rate based on the table below and refund the difference. Note, that due to Canada Post base costs, smaller orders incur relatively larger shipping fees as a percentage of the order value. It's always better to buy more! Or to combine your order with a friend. Also, shipping costs have gone up this year due to the 37% Canada Post fuel surcharge. We have not increased our flat rate shipping for two years but must now make adjustments to cover these cost increases.

Bulb/Bare Root TotalBCPrairies/TerritoriesOnt/PQAtlantic
$300+Quoted rateQuoted rateQuoted rateQuoted rate
*Applies to shipments of packaged dry bulbs and bare root only. If potted plants are included in your order, the quoted rate you received when you placed your order will apply.