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Our guarantee is based on the premise of mutual responsibility for the living things that we are selling and that you are buying.

We guarantee our plants to be true to name, healthy and ready to grow when they arrive on your doorstep. We guarantee against all factors within our control.

We do not guarantee our plants against factors out of our control once you have received them such as adverse weather or soil conditions, under or over watering, bouts of zonal denial where plants are planted outside their hardiness zones, winter, marauding and hungry garden creatures, or inadequate care on the part of the gardener. It is the responsibility of each of our customers to research their new plants and to ask us if they have any questions about cultural requirements.

While we strive to pack your plants as carefully as possible, we assume that you are aware that every leaf might not arrive in perfect condition. Damaged foliage does not qualify for replacement or credit. You are buying healthy root systems and stems that will flush out into beautiful plants once they are unpacked and planted. That being said, we have gotten good feedback that our plants arrive in great condition.

Please note that, since we ship plants throughout the gardening season, you may receive plants at different points in their life cycles including plants that are dormant or semi-dormant. We will endeavour to provide information about these particular plants in your shipping paperwork. Also, since we grow our plants in coastal BC, the plants you receive may be at different points in their life cycles than what you would expect for the same time of year in your region.

If you have any questions or concerns about your shipment, you must email us within 3 days of receipt of your plants at mailorder at phoenixperennials.com. Please include a few digital photos, if possible. Digital photos will help us to diagnose the problem and devise an effective solution. If you do not contact us within 3 days then a problem that could have been corrected becomes one that is beyond our control and responsibility. However, if you encounter problems beyond this 3 day period that could be related to a cultural factor originating at our nursery, we will guarantee against such problems. Please contact us. We want you to be successful and happy with your plants.

We cannot be held liable for any amount greater than the purchase price of the plant in question. Should there be a problem that is our responsibility and that cannot be rectified through cultural advice, our policy is to offer a refund or a credit towards a future purchase, depending on the situation, equal to the purchase price of the plant plus tax. We do not refund the cost of shipping of that plant just as we do not reimburse a customer for their time and gas money if they need to return to the nursery with an ailing plant. That being said, our plants are extremely healthy and we rarely have problems related to plant health. You can order with confidence that we will only ship the healthiest plants.