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At Phoenix Perennials we are proud to offer one of the largest and most diverse selections of succulents in Canada. In 2020 we are very excited to add more than 60 rare succulents imported from Asia that have hardly, if ever, been seen in Canada before. These join a group of 80 other succulents. Many are rare and unusual in their own right and some are old favourites.

Tender succulents are usually hardy in zones 8 through 11. Some could be hardy in coastal BC if protected from rain but most require indoor winter protection and temperatures above about 5 degrees Celsius. In winter, keep your succulents cool, dry and in bright light. In summer, give them full to part sun and lots of heat. Also, don't be afraid to give them a good amount of water and some fertilizer at this time. Just let them dry out between waterings and apply fertilizer at half strength.

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Many of the succulents listed here are ready now but most of the Haworthia and Lithops (and their relatives) and a few other items are in production and will not be ready until mid September.
Local customers are invited to place a pre-order from the Tender Succulents section. Choose the pick-up option when checking out.

Mail order customers can place separate orders for succulents or mix succulents with other plants from our full mail order selection. However, please do not mix succulents with Rare Spring Bulbs and Barefoot or Cypripedium and Dactylorhiza. These groups must ship separately.
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Ananas comosus 'Florida Special' - Pineapple - Ananas comosus 'Florida Special' produces delicious pineapples studded with red highlights. Ananas comosus 'Florida Special' - Pineapple - Bromeliaceae (The Pineapple Family)

Ananas comosus 'Florida Special' produces delicious pineapples studded with red highlights.

Price: $21.99
Available This Year