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86 Cool Fruit Trees including Fruit Salad & Fruit Cocktail Trees, Stone Fruits, Espaliers, and Heirloom, Red Flesh, and Dwarf Apples for Pick-Up in March/April 2023

PLEASE DO NOT MIX PRE-ORDERS: The plants in each pre-order are only available for shipping or pick-up during a specific period each year. Orders for each p
re-order must be placed separately from other pre-orders and our Main Catalogue. Please do not place mixed orders*.

Update May 1st, 2023: This pre-order is now closed. Extra plants are now available for in-person shopping at the nursery.

We are pleased to expand last year's Amazing Apple Pre-Order into a larger Hardy Fruit Tree Pre-Order with the addition of the super popular Fruit Salad and Fruit Cocktail trees back by popular demand plus cherries, Cornelian cherries, peaches, nectarines, apricots, pears, Asian pears, plums, and quince plus cool varieties of mini dwarf, columnar, red flesh, and heirloom apples.

Available for: Pick-up Only. Canada Post shipping not available. Most trees will be 4-6 feet tall. We can also arrange courier shipping within Metro Vancouver or freight shipping across Canada on pallets for larger orders.

Estimated Date: March/Early April

Plant Details: Most trees will be 4-6 feet tall. Two gallon potted plants and columnar apples will be shorter. All trees will begin producing within a few years though, depending on initial size, may take 3-5 years to begin producing large crops. Trees will be provided rooted in plastic pots or as recent potting from bare root.

Cancellations and Changes: Once plants are ordered, they are reserved for you and can’t be sold to anyone else. We view your order as a commitment you have made with us in good faith. For this reason, cancellations for full refund will only be accepted until February 1st, 2023. After that date you can choose to cancel for a refund minus a 25% restocking fee or cancel for a full store credit. Additions can be made at any time by placing a new order. Notify us when you pick up that you have multiple orders.

Red flesh apples are among the most intriguing and popular cultivars among apple collectors. They are crosses of red fleshed crabapples from Central Asia with white fleshed commercial apples. The resulting cultivars have flesh that ranges from soft pink to bright pink to bright red. Some cultivars have a mix of white and red throughout the flesh. Their blooms are also often pink or dark pink. As with all apples, each red flesh cultivar has its own particular flavour, aroma, and balance of sweetness and tartness. Red flesh apples can be used for fresh eating but they become particularly fun for use in pies, and for apple sauce and ciders!

Heirloom Apples: We are excited to offer a wide range of heritage apples from Europe and North America, many of which are hundreds of years old. These apples connect us with gardeners and apple lovers as far back as the 1600s but also offer us fun and unusual shapes, colours, textures and flavours for fresh eating and to play with in the kitchen.

Dwarf, Mini-Dwarf, and Columnar Apples: These mostly modern cultivars offer sizes and shapes that fit better into our smaller gardens but still provide great production.

Apple Rootstocks:
All of our apples are grafted onto different rootstocks which offer a variety of different characteristics to apple trees. The most important is size. Many rootstocks are dwarfing or semi-dwarfing to varying degrees. Some can also confer extra vigour and production as well as cold and drought tolerance.

B.118: Semi-Dwarf, strong roots, vigorous growth, early production, tolerant of drought, extreme cold, heavy soils, and difficult conditions. Trees will reach about 16 feet high and wide.

B.9: A dwarfing rootstock producing trees that are slightly smaller than M.9 rootstock with slightly higher yields and more cold and drought tolerance. Should be grown with a strong stake for extra support.

M.9: The most widely planted dwarf rootstock in North America producing trees about 6-8 feet tall and 4-8 feet wide with excellent vigour and great production, even on young trees. Should be grown with a strong stake for extra support. Summer irrigation may be required during dry spells.

M.27: Mini-Dwarf, perfect for small gardens and containers (which should be about 18 inches wide). Very productive usually producing 30 pounds of fruit per year. Production begins early, even on young plants. Should be grown with a strong stake for extra support. Trees reach about 6 feet tall and 4-6 feet wide.

M.7: A widely planted semi-dwarfing rootstock producing trees about 16 feet high and wide.

M.26: Dwarf trees that are quite vigorous. Very productive even on young trees. Trees will reach about 12-16 feet high and wide.

*Mixed orders will be charged an administrative fee of $5 per pre-order/main catalogue order to cover our costs of separating and organizing your orders. As a rule, all pre-orders ship separately due to timing and different packing requirements. In some cases we may be able to combine some pre-orders to ship together if you send us a detailed email listing all of your orders. While we will do our best, we cannot guarantee that any pre-orders will ship together.