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For shipping or pick-up in March/April 2022
PLEASE DO NOT MIX PRE-ORDERS: The plants in each pre-order are only available for shipping or pick-up during a specific period each year. Orders for each pre-order must be placed separately from other pre-orders and our Main Catalogue. Please do not place mixed orders*. The Edible, Houseplant, and Ornamental subsections of the Summer Bulb and Bare Root Pre-Order can be combined with each other into a single order.

Welcome to the Summer Bulb and Bare Root Pre-Order featuring over 400 different bulbs, bare root plants, and some potted plants that will bloom in late spring, summer, and fall. This pre-order includes ornamentals, edibles, and plants well-suited as houseplants.

Available for: Shipping and Pick-Up - Select your preference at check out.
Estimated Date: Pick-ups begin in March into April. Shipping occurs through March and April as soon as weather allows in your region. We must ship these plants as early as possible so they don't come into growth in our mild climate. If you live in a cold region, we will ship once temperatures are safe for your plants to travel to you but they may arrive a few weeks before they can be planted outside which will require some protection, planting indoors, or storing in a cool, frost free area until you are able to plant.
Plant Details: The number of bulbs per pack and other size details are listed above the price on the information page of each plant.

*Mixed orders will be charged an administrative fee of $5 per pre-order/main catalogue order to cover our costs of separating and organizing your orders. As a rule, all pre-orders ship separately due to timing and different packing requirements. In some cases we may be able to combine some pre-orders to ship together if you send us a detailed email listing all of your orders. While we will do our best, we cannot guarantee that any pre-orders will ship together.