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For shipping or pick-up in Late May/June 2022

PRE-ORDER CLOSED: Extra Citrus, Avocado, Olives, Pomegranates and more are now available for in-person shopping in the nursery.

The plants in each pre-order are only available for shipping or pick-up during a specific period each year. Orders for each pre-order must be placed separately from other pre-orders and our Main Catalogue. Please do not place mixed orders*.

We are excited to offer our largest selection ever of citrus - 57 different varieties - one of the largest in Canada. Citrus are a relatively easy-to-grow and rewarding group of plants that can be grown by all Canadians as long as you have a a sunny outdoor spot for summer and a good, bright place indoors for the winter. Beyond classic favourites like Meyer lemons, navel oranges, blood oranges, key limes, and Thai limes, we also have a number of cultivars of mandarins, kumquats, yuzu, and sudachi that are completely hardy in zones 7 and 8. They can be grown outdoors year round in coastal BC in protected microclimates.

These citrus are joined by 34 other unique and uncommon fruits including 7 different avocados added on April 2nd. Some cultivars that we have had in the past are not available this year. We'll have a wider selection in the upcoming years. But, still, there are some great cultivars available for 2022.

Available for: Shipping and Pick-Up - Select your preference at check out.
Estimated Date: Late May to mid June, depending on shipping schedules. We expect Covid-related shipping delays this season with our incoming shipments of Citrus and other plants so there could be some delays getting plants to you. Please be patient.
Plant Details: These plants are available in 15cm, 1 gallon, 4x9 inch band pots, 5x12 inch band pots, and 3 gallon. While all can be shipped, we recommend choosing smaller sizes for shipping if the option is available. In terms of the Citrus, 1 gallon potted plants are usually about 1 foot high with some branching beginning, 4x9 inch band pots are about 1-2 feet tall, sometimes more, with good branching starting, and 3 gallon plants are about 2 feet tall or more with very good branching. The 5x12 inch band pots of avocado are usually 3 feet tall or more!
Shipping Details: Shipping begins at the same time as pick-ups. But since Citrus shipping occurs at the same time as peak shipping of perennials from our Main Mail Order Catalogue, we must fit Citrus in as best we can. Due to the popularity of this pre-order, it usually takes 3-4 weeks to send out all the Citrus orders. Additionally, Citrus and other plants in this pre-order can be quite tall and require large boxes. For this reason, it is possible that for some orders, especially large orders that require large boxes or multiple boxes, that your shipping costs may be higher than what you are quoted by our system when you place your order. In this case, you will be asked to pay an additional shipping amount. We do not make money on shipping but we must charge appropriately to cover our costs. Thanks for your understanding.

*Mixed orders will be charged an administrative fee of $5 per pre-order/main catalogue order to cover our costs of separating and organizing your orders. As a rule, all pre-orders ship separately due to timing and different packing requirements. In some cases we may be able to combine some pre-orders to ship together if you send us a detailed email listing all of your orders. While we will do our best, we cannot guarantee that any pre-orders will ship together.