Welcome to the 2020 Season of Phoenix Perennials Mail Order!

COVID-19 STATUS UPDATE - May 22nd, 2020: We are currently on schedule with shipping as most of our mail order shipments go out in May and June which is stated on our website and in the messages and confirmations you would have received from us when you placed your order. We do not provide individual ETA requests otherwise we wouldn’t have any time to actually get the orders shipped. We ship orders 1. when the plants in your order are finished growing, 2. when your order is complete, and 3. when we can ship to your region. If we have not yet shipped then all three of these criteria are not yet met. Please do not inquire. Your order will be shipped as soon as it is ready.

Please be aware that due to high demand and ever-changing shipping conditions with Canada Post, there will be delays with some shipments this year. We will update this notice whenever there are changes to the information below. Here are the status updates:

  • Local Orders - Local orders for pick-up or shipping are being assembled now as plants come ready from our production facilities.
  • British Columbia - Canada Post is on schedule in BC. Orders are being assembled and shipped as your plants come ready and your order is complete.
  • Prairies - Canada Post is on schedule or close to on schedule in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Orders are being assembled and shipped as your plants come ready, as your order is complete, and as weather conditions are warm enough for safe shipping.
  • Ontario and Quebec - The Canada Post sorting stations in Ontario and Quebec are currently 5-7 days behind schedule due to Covid-19 issues related to staffing and the sheer volume of packages they are processing as everyone shops online. We cannot ship any orders to Ontario and Quebec until Canada Post is processing parcels on schedule. We are monitoring the situation on a weekly basis. They are thinking that some progress may be made soon to get these facilities back to regular sorting schedules.
  • Atlantic Provinces - Since our shipments transit through Ontario or Quebec, we cannot ship to you until they are back on schedule. However, we rarely ship orders to the east until June anyway as we need our plants to be extra strong before shipping that long distance.

We are pleased to offer our most exciting season ever to gardeners across Canada. Our catalogue is filled with cutting edge new plants, rare and unusual species, and some old garden favourites. Have fun exploring more than 1200 different plants this year on Phoenix Perennials Mail Order!
Mail Order customers can also take advantage of most of our pre-orders which you can find on our main website.

Local shoppers who plan on visiting the nursery regularly should not be placing orders in our mail order system. We love you but we do not have the staff resources to administer these types of orders. We invite regional shoppers who wish to pick up only when their order is ready or who wish courier service and shipping only customers to place orders in the mail order system. Please read our
Plants to the People information to learn about our services, identify which type of customer you are, and discover how best we can serve you.

Phoenix Perennials is an award-winning, cutting edge, retail and mail order nursery located in Richmond, BC, Canada, part of Metro Vancouver. In the nursery we offer over 4000 different plants a year for our in-person visitors. For mail order we choose our favourite plants to offer to Canadian gardeners. WE ONLY SHIP WITHIN CANADA
. To keep up to date on new plants and special offers, sign up for our E-Newsletter and Mail Order Alert under "About Phoenix". Also, what we offer is different than other mail order nurseries, namely full size potted plants in full growth just like you'd find at your local garden centre. Learn about how Phoenix Perennials Does Mail Order Differently. Happy Gardening!