Our Main Catalogue and Pre-Orders are now launched with more than 1800 different plants now available for the spring 2022 season!
The only thing left to launch is Tender Succulents and Cacti which will go live in March.

For easier ordering and check out, please login or create an account first before adding plants to your shopping cart. Use the link above.

IMPORTANT: This year our Pre-Orders have been migrated into our mail order system to make ordering easier. Please DO NOT mix plants from our Main Catalogue with our Pre-Orders and please don't mix Pre-Orders with each other. Orders must be placed separately for our Main Catalogue and for each Pre-Order. These various groups must ship at different times. If you do place mixed orders, we'll need to charge $5 for each separate invoice that ships to you to cover our extra admin time. Thanks for your help and understanding.

Phoenix Perennials is an award-winning, cutting edge, retail and mail order nursery located in Richmond, BC, Canada, part of Metro Vancouver. In the nursery we offer over 5000 different plants a year for our in-person visitors. For mail order customers across Canada we offer about 2500 different plants a year. WE ONLY SHIP WITHIN CANADA. To keep up to date on new plants and special offers, sign up for our E-Newsletter and Mail Order Alert under "About Phoenix". To find out what to expect from our plants and how our mail order differs from other nurseries, visit our page on how Phoenix Perennials Does Mail Order Differently. Happy Gardening!