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Fall Update for October 9, 2023: Our main catalogue items are ready to ship at any time. Conventional bulbs, Cypripedium, and bearded iris have arrived. Rare bulbs have been delayed due to paperwork issues in Europe. We hope the bulbs will arrive to us this week.  Orders for Cactus Pads are being shipped as they come in. You can also pre-order for Citrus and Rare Fruit for this fall and for Roses for spring 2024.

Phoenix Perennials is an award-winning, cutting edge, retail and mail order nursery and garden center located in Richmond, BC, Canada, part of Metro Vancouver. In the nursery we offer over 5000 different plants a year for our in-person visitors. For mail order shipping across Canada we offer over 3000 different plants a year. WE ONLY SHIP WITHIN CANADA . To keep up to date on new plants and special offers, sign up for our E-Newsletter and Mail Order Alert . To find out what to expect from our plants and how our mail order differs from other nurseries, visit our page on how Phoenix Perennials Does Mail Order Differently . Happy Gardening!

Recipient of several awards of excellence, Phoenix Perennials is a nursery and garden center offering retail and mail order. Located in Richmond, in the metropolitan area of ​​Vancouver in British Columbia in Canada, we offer on site more than 5000 different plants per year. We also offer annually more than 3000 plants for purchase by mail order. WE SHIP ONLY TO CANADA. To be on the lookout for our promotions and receive information on our new plants, subscribe to our newsletters (available only in English). To find out what to expect from our plants and how we do mail order differently from other nurseries please visit our dedicated page.  

Please note that we have an employee who can serve you in French from Monday to Thursday. Happy gardening!