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Update for February 23, 2024: The Main Mail Order Catalogue is now fully updated for 2024. There will be some late additions made of rare and unusual plants from our specialized propagation and of BC native plants in mid to late March. All 10 winter/spring Pre-Orders are also now available having launched from November to January.  Our Cactus Pad Pre-Order will launch  in June for August/September shipping. Our Spring Bulb & Bare Root Pre-Order for fall 2024 and our Great Rose Pre-Order for 2025 will launch in July. Have fun!

Phoenix Perennials is an award-winning, cutting edge, retail and mail order nursery and garden center located in Richmond, BC, Canada, part of Metro Vancouver. In the nursery we offer over 5000 different plants a year for our in-person visitors. For mail order shipping across Canada we offer over 3000 different plants a year. WE ONLY SHIP WITHIN CANADA . To keep up to date on new plants and special offers, sign up for our E-Newsletter and Mail Order Alert . To find out what to expect from our plants and how our mail order differs from other nurseries, visit our page on how Phoenix Perennials Does Mail Order Differently. Happy Gardening!

Récipiendaire de plusieurs prix d’excellence, Phoenix Perennials est une pépinière et un centre de jardinage offrant la vente au détail et la vente par correspondance.  Situé à Richmond dans la région métropolitaine de Vancouver en Colombie-Britannique au Canada, nous offrons sur place plus de 5000 plantes différentes par année.  Nous offrons également annuellement plus de 3000 plantes pour l’achat par correspondance. NOUS LIVRONS SEULEMENT AU CANADA.  Pour être à l’affût de nos promotions et recevoir de l’information sur nos nouvelles plantes, inscrivez-vous à notre infolettre.  Pour savoir à quoi s’attendre de nos plantes et comment nous effectuons la vente par correspondance différemment des autres pépinières, veuillez visiter notre page dédié à ce sujet (disponible seulement en anglais). Veuillez noter que nous avons une employée qui peut vous servir en français du lundi au jeudi.  Bon jardinage!

Graptoveria 'Titubans' f. variegata (syn. 'Colourful Stone') - Graptoveria - [Succulent Pre-Order] - Echeveria 'Colourful Stone' is a unique variegated succulent in tones of pink, apricot, yellow, and pale grey-blue. Hydrangea paniculata 'Wim's Red' - 2 gallon - Panicle Hydrangea - [Hydrangea Pre-Order] - Hydrangea paniculata 'Wim's Red' offers creamy white cones that age to pink then rich, glowing red. Rosa DA 'James Galway' - Climbing Rose - Rosa 'James Galway' is a David Austin climbing rose with dense warm pink rosettes and light fragrance. Zone 4 hardy!
Haworthia pygmaea 'Frosty Morning' - Haworthia - [Succulent Pre-Order] - Haworthia 'Frosty Morning' has large leaves with flattened heart-shaped tips heavily covered in white hairs that can flush pink. Clematis armandii 'Snowdrift' - Evergreen Clematis - 1g - [Clematis Pre-Order] - Clematis armandii 'Snowdrift' produces masses of small, white, fragrant flowers atop dark green, leathery foliage. Rosa Jalbert 'A Lady Never Tells' - Rose - Rosa 'A Lady Never Tells' is a Jalbert shrub rose bearing red to yellow blooms with medium lemon fragrance.
Echeveria 'Rezry' - Echeveria - [Succulent Pre-Order] - Echeveria 'Rezry' is a cute little trunk-forming succulent with small rosettes of pink leaves. Clematis Evison 'Bourbon' - Clematis - [Clematis Pre-Order] - Clematis Evison 'Bourbon' has large, vibrant red flowers with pink stripes and yellow centres. Camellia japonica 'Chandleri Elegans Variegated' - Camellia - Camellia japonica 'Chandleri Elegans Variegated' produces stunning candy pink flowers with white anemone centres and variable white mottling.