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All of our Cypripedium are top quality, blooming-size plants sourced from the best growers in Europe and provided to you bare root. October is the best time to buy and plant Cypripedium directly into the ground and the only time we ship them. Though all plants should have at least one blooming eye, many of our plants have 3, 4, 5 and even 6 eyes! Which species and cultivars have more eyes can vary year to year. That being said, we feel our Cyps offer great value as the custom elsewhere can be to charge by the eye. When we have these amazing multi-eye rhizomes, we are happy to pass them along to you as a bonus. The largest rhizomes are selected to fill advance orders. The remaining unsold rhizomes are potted up for spring sales on site at Phoenix.
Local Customers: Choose "pick-up" when you check out. We will send you an email when it's time to come in. Please add our email address mailorder@phoenixperennials.com to your address book to help our email get past your spam filters. Please place separate orders for bulbs and Cypripedium as this makes administering your orders easier. Please don't place orders for plants other than bulbs or Cyps. Plants should all be ready now and you can just come in to the nursery with your list. You can always call or email first to check on availability.
Mail Order Customers: Please do not place orders mixing plants, bulbs, or Cypripedium. These categories are all ready at different times or have different packing requirements and will ship separately to arrive to you as fresh as possible for immediate planting and best establishment before winter. Plants begin shipping after our summer hiatus on August 26th and will ship as soon as orders come in. Bulbs ship in late September to early October. Cypripedium ship in mid October. If you place an order mixing these categories, we will need to arrange multiple shipments and recalculate your shipping costs.

Our Frosch Cypripedium, denoted by this brand name after the name of each orchid hybrid, are grown by our friend Michael Weinert in Germany. He uses organic methods and grows his plants outside year-round at a natural growing speed. The plants are robust and healthy with extensive root systems. They are also tough and strong having experienced frost and varying weather conditions. While all of our Cypripedium will give great performance to Canadian gardeners and all can be planted in the fall in your garden, we particularly recommend Frosch Cypripedium for gardeners in colder regions of Canada as we expect these plants to establish more quickly and strongly when planted in your cool October soils.